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Signmaking is the broad term for:

Design and production of advertising media and communication systems made of different materials in various designs. These include illuminated and non illuminated signs and billboards , pylons, steles, complex guidance systems, facade- , shop window and vehicle lettering, as well as the labeling of exhibition stands and exhibitions. This also includes the installation and maintenance of the advertising systems.

Some examples:

Long or short term window lettering Car lettering facade lettering, decorative films, Aluminum composite panels, individual letters, Dibond trays, Flat Face light boxes, Pan light boxes, Bracket mounted signs, pylons, steles, guidance Systems etc. …

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Werbetechnische Folienarbeiten wie plotten, ausheben, applizieren, verkleben und neutralisieren

We use various high-quality, printed or unprinted adhesive films. Whether it´s decorative film, such as sandblast effect Vinyl which harmoniously adapts to your interior design and work spaces, whether for simple privacy reasons or in exceptional design to set modern accents.
The very same technique is used aswell for classic window and car lettering
and very common for sign making.

Be it a simple lettering, a full-surface foliation or complex and filigree elements that merge to an entity.
At Made4you we only use high-quality vinyls from well-known manufacturers.
We always have a large selection of different materials in stock.
With modern printing and cutting plotters, as well as flatbed laminators and about 30 years of experience, our team ensures the design, implementation and the success of your projects.


Werbeschilder Made4you

Whether simple, classic, elegant or unusual, we design, produce and assemble all kinds of advertising signs.
We attach great importance to appearance, quality and a fair pricing.
Our goal is a satisfied customer and a successful project.
To achieve this goal, our professional and creative team, passionate about your project and your desires, will work with you to get the absolute maximum out of any budget.

Whether directly mounted on the facade signs, plates or single letters with spacers or mounted on substructures. Our offer includes labeled and fully-foiled aluminum composite panels, composite trays with foiling, acrylic letters or push-through letters, various mark-out signs, zone signs, signposts, lawyer‘s and doctor‘s office signs, pylons, steles, interior signage, etc …



Our banner offer is large, so we offer PVC-, Meshbanner as well as Fabric banners, hemmed with eyelets in different thicknesses for different purposes.

From a mini table banner to the giant banner for facades and corresponding clamping systems.
Just contact us. In a joint conversation we can work out the best solution for your purpose. Up to a width of 1m60 and a length of up to 50m, you benefit from our high quality 10 color ecosolvent print. For larger banners various other printing methods are used.
Despite our cost effective solutions, we use only high quality brands. In order to make the durability of our PVC and Mesh PVC banners even more durable and weather-resistant, we additionally apply special UV protection.


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[(c) J O E R G  L A N T E LM É, GINSTERWEG 8, D-34125 K A S S E L (H E S S E N), T E L.: 0172-2801434, E M A I L: JOERGLANTELME@T-ONLINE.DE, 
P O S T B A N K  F R A N K F U R T
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The selection of illuminated advertising systems is very diverse.
Together with you, we identify which designs fit your budget and fit best to communicate your image. The lighting can be LED or fluorescent tubes.
For lighting you have the choice between self-illuminating / backlit and illuminated advertising systems.

Lightboxes (square, round or special shapes) for indoor and outdoor use, directly on the facade or as cantilevers, illuminated pylons, simple light panels with or without spacing from metal, plastic or acrylic, to partly illuminated blockout signs, whether foiled, with attached or push-through letters.

From the first draft to the assembly with you, our team is always advisory to the side.
Of course, we don not only manufacture new advertising equipment, but also take care of changes and renewals of existing equipment.

With a balanced price-performance ratio and our competent and multilingual staff, we operate throughout the Greater Region of Luxembourg.



With guidance systems, all kind of orientation aids and informative signage inside and outside are meant.

These include guidance pylons and steles, hallway and escape route markings,
Conference room signage and other signage of various premises.
Whether hanging from the ceiling, on spacers or mounted flat on the wall, as well as wall and floor markings, reflective or noctilucent.

The selection of standard market systems is huge.
Therefore, it should first be clarified in a conversation, which sense and purpose the signage should fulfill.
On this basis and considering your individual design ideas, we offer a suitable selection of products.

Our services include consulting, manufacturing or procurement, labeling and installation of various guidance systems.
We will gladly advise you, whether you only need one or two signs or if you want to equip a complete building, it does not matter to us.

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Vom Mini-Tischbanner bis hin zum Riesenbanner für Fassaden und entsprechenden Spannsystemen. Bis zu einer Breite von 1m60 und einer Länge von bis zu 50m, profitieren Sie von unserem hochqualitativen 10Farb Ecosolventdruck. Für größere Banner werden diverse andere Druckverfahren angewandt.